Triple College The Hague is an initiative of a The Hague based not-for profit organization in which Ernst van Bemmelen van Gent and others have bundled their experiences and expertise in roles as student, worker, entrepreneur, civil servant, employer, employee, parent, migrant, activist, educator, teacher, scientist and philosopher. At first a Pre-College Program is developed. Subsequently, further tertiary education programs and life long learning modules will be developed.

The Pre-College Program of Triple College The Hague offers young people a part-time education that enriches other learning, provides a solid basis  in study strategies, and assists in making learned study and career choices. The Pre-College Program boosts the general education of learners (Bildung), sharpens talents in the field of professional skills, and sketches avenues of further personal development. Upon successful completion of the Pre-College Program learners are able to join the debate in society on a variety of topics, critically assess information, and manage their own further development. [... continue reading...]

For further information and application:

Triple College The Hague - Ernst van Bemmelen van Gent - Email: - Telephone: +31 – (0)612 - 162765


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    Pre-College Program starts
    by Admin User - Wednesday, 2 September 2015, 8:36 AM

    Triple College The Hague starts its Pre-College Program on 1 September 2015 with the launch of the electronic learning environment and the enrollment of its first student Daniel van Bemmelen.